Welcome to Club Gio! I’m Holly Giovannetti and Club Gio is my home. Several years ago, a friend of mine wanted to go on a resort vacation. I convinced her our home in Coconut Grove, FL, was a resort in its own right with kayaking, biking, roller blading, swimming, cocktails, great food and in a great location. She was greeted at the door with a cocktail followed by a professional 1 hour massage – and Club Gio was born. Since then, we’ve lived in 4 different homes and all have been Club Gio, because life is a journey, not a destination. I hope you’ll enjoy following my family’s journey on this panoptic blog that offers a variety of posts including family life, travel adventures, volunteering, cooking,  gardening, home & décor and health & fitness to name a few.

Several years ago, my family had just arrived at our hotel in Chicago for a chess tournament. Yes, my husband and two sons play chess competitively! Just as we were leaving the hotel to sight see, I started to have some type of allergic reaction. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I came very close to going to the ER. After that, I experienced similar, but lessened reactions throughout the next year. Doctors ran every possible medical test and none of them found any reason for the symptoms I was experiencing.

One afternoon at our favorite bookstore in South Beach, I picked up a book about the raw vegan diet. I felt as if the author was speaking to me. The next day, I stopped by Whole Foods and bought several prepared dishes and groceries I had never heard of before, such as nutritional yeast. For the next year, I strictly ate raw vegan. During that time, I never experienced any of the horrific symptoms I had randomly dealt with the previous year and – BONUS – I lost weight too!

As time went by and we traveled, I veered from the raw vegan diet and experienced periodic reactions. In January 2017, I was diagnosed with stage T2 melanoma. Since then, I have started back on a vegan, gluten free diet (although not raw), take several supplements as well, and I’m happy to say, the surgery and pet scan revealed no cancer cells have spread. As of today, I’m cancer free. I truly believe my diet and supplements had something to do with my good results.

Although I eat a plant based/GF diet, I don’t force it on my family. They are omnivores so often times, my main dish is their side dish. With that in mind, my posts will include a variety of flavorful recipes. In fact, once you try vegan recipes, you’ll find “regular food” tastes bland and boring.

Besides preparing meals for my family, I have diverse interests, which I plan to blog about as well. I enjoy furniture makeovers, remodeling and decorating my home, doing craft projects with my boys, making handcrafted gifts, going on local field trips, traveling and outdoor activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, biking and beachcombing to name a few.

I hope my posts make your life’s journey more enjoyable as well.

Love and Light,